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Interurban Walldog – #16



Grampa Dan Sawatzky, Artist

The Illinois Terminal Railroad, known as “The Interurban,” served Danville and surrounding towns and villages by connecting people with family, friends, jobs, stores, entertainment and education.  From Danville, travelers could ride on the electric cars and connect with Oakwood, Fithian, Homer, Urbana-Champaign, Springfield and then transfer to points beyond.  Westville, Georgetown and Ridge Farm riders crossed the bridge south via the Vermilion River trestle and bridge, which was dismantled in the 1940’s to supply metal to the War effort.

The mural marks the 116th for Grampa Dan Sawatzky.  The artist strives to capture the essence of his subject within the viewer’s glance of 10-20 seconds.  Note the license plate “Phoebe” is a reference to his grandaughter.


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