(217) 442-2096       100 West Main Street Suite #146 Danville, IL 61832

Welcome to Danville, Illinois

Founded in 1827 | Vermilion County | Population 31,597

Visitor's Guide

Here you will find world class museums, shops full of rare and unique finds, and watchable wildlife to enjoy. Enjoy Sporting events from our nationally recognized Danville Dans baseball team to ice skating, canoeing, horseback riding, roller skating & much more.

Trail Guide

Ready to explore the wonder and beauty of nature in Vermilion County and Danville Illinois? With over 100 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails that wind their way through more then 15,000 acres, we’ve got the trail that fits you!

Parks & Recreation

For the moments you can’t put into words – over 15,000 acres of parklands await you in Danville and Vermilion County. Explore lakes, ponds, wildlife and much more!

Arts & Performing Arts

For generations, Danville & Vermilion County has inspired artists and performers, creating a vibrant culture where art thrives. These are the life-affirming arts of Vermilion County.

Featured Events

Due to COVID-19 pandemic some events have been cancelled, please inquire about future events to check the status.