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Rabbittown Mural



Mike Harper, Artist

Some of Rabbittown’s history depicted in the mural includes a description of how Rabbittown native Carl Lindley created in 1942 the first sign in the now-world famous sign post forest near Watson Lake, Alaska.  St. Elizabeth Hospital and Douglas School – two places that touched a lot of Danville residents – are represented in the mural as well as the long-gone Douglas Park amusement park.

In the upper left corner of the mural is Gustavus Pearson’s home, which still stands today, and a portrait of Rabbittown’s founder John Pearson, who had been a judge and appears to be somewhat scowling.

In the lower left corner, a brief description tells the historical significance of Douglas Park:  “In 1858, Stephen A. Douglas, campaigning against Abraham Lincoln, gave a speech in what is now Douglas Park.”


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